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Primary Technology© operate this website. Primary Technology is a UK based company that provides ICT services to Education worldwide. Primary Technology also provide a range of tools both offline and online.

Really-real time Collaborative tools:
  • Collaborative writing
  • Collaborative stickynotes
  • Collaborative drawing

  • Online tools for teachers:
  • School websites
  • School Email
  • School Online Backup
  • Important Dates Calendar
  • Safe search
  • Primary School ICT bits shop (mostly for ICT Co-ordinators)
  • Style your own Safe Search
  • Online tools for pupils:
  • Primary School Games
  • An Email game

  • Online tools for parents:
  • School holiday dates

  • Offline tools for schools:
  • Sims Support
  • School Curriculum Network Technical Support
  • Infrastructure services such as Network and Wireless installs
  • AV installs, IWB and projector installations and maintenance