Important School Events Calendar Dates

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New Years Day
1st of January 2020
Chinese New Year
25th of January 2020
Safer Internet Day
11th of February 2020
Darwin Day
12th of February 2020
St Valentines Day
14th of February 2020
Shrove Tuesday
25th of February 2020
World Book Day
5th of March 2020
Vernal Equinox
20th of March 2020
Mother's Day
22nd of March 2020
World Meteorological Day
23rd of March 2020
BST Begins (Clocks go Forward)
29th of March 2020
April Fool's Day
1st of April 2020
International Children's Book Day
2nd of April 2020
Easter Sunday
12th of April 2020
International Creativity and Innovation Week
15th of April 2020
Earth Day
22nd of April 2020
World Ocean Day
8th of June 2020
Summer Solstice
20th of June 2020
Father's Day
21st of June 2020
International Chocolate Day
7th of July 2020
24th of July 2020
International Friendship Day
30th of July 2020
Yorkshire Day
1st of August 2020
World Literary Day
8th of September 2020
International Literacy Day
8th of September 2020
The BUPA Great North Run
13th of September 2020
International Talk Like a Pirate Day
19th of September 2020
Autumnal Equinox
22nd of September 2020
World Farm Animals Day
2nd of October 2020
World Teacher's Day
5th of October 2020
BST Ends (Clocks go Back)
25th of October 2020
31st of October 2020
Guy Fawkes Night
5th of November 2020
Armistice Day and Rememberance Sunday
11th of November 2020
National Tree Week
23rd of November 2020
World Aids Day
1st of December 2020
International Human Rights Day
10th of December 2020
Winter Solstice
21st of December 2020
Christmas Day
25th of December 2020
New Years Eve
31st of December 2020

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